Regenerative Power System

Stop wasting energy, start capturing it.

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While EV technology continues to search for solutions to issues like range and high-gear efficiency, GIG has raised the bar with revolutionary technology for the next generation of vehicles and beyond.

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Introducing GIG’s newest breakthroughs in EV technology: 
  • The Dynamic Variable Transmission, unleashing the power of an infinite-variable transmission.
  • The Roadkil 5000, capturing and converting energy lost to the road into regenerative power.

The world’s first
gear-to-gear dynamic transmission

Prepare yourself for an infinite-speed gear shifter that will forever change the way we think about engines—even removing the need for shifting altogether. That’s right, the Dynamic Variable Transmission (DVT) can shift instantaneously through any number of gears to save power and torque otherwise wasted in the process. Stay at the perfect gear ratio from 0 to 60 and beyond.

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A revolution in simplicity

Weighing in at a mere 50 lbs or less, the DVT is about 80% lighter than the average vehicle transmission. It also sheds the complexity of today's transmissions by requiring just two parts to assemble. Because of its simplicity, it’s also universally applicable to a range of applications, from consumer vehicles, both gas and electric, to wind farms and portable generators.

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Turning bumps in the road into jumps in EV range

Thanks to your shock absorbers, you may not even feel most up and down movement throughout your drive, but where does that vertical energy actually go? Sadly, the vibrational energy caused by bumps and hills is lost to the road as heat, never to be seen again. That is, until the Roadkil 5000.

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Electric car being charged
Picture of a truck in the mountains

Electric vehicles go farther with the Roadkil

The Roadkil 5000 is your newest EV companion, capturing and converting all vertical movement into real, regenerative power your vehicle can put to work. Extend your vehicle’s range to go farther on a single charge, saving you time and money.

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