Electric vehicle charging

Electric Vehicles

Our patent-pending technology for fully electric and hybrid vehicles converts electricity to power the electric motor and recharge batteries on the reefer, increasing the efficiency of your fleet.

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Ocean tides


We are revolutionizing tidal energy capture. Our innovative solutions offer efficient options for harnessing the immense power within the ocean tides. While some forms of “smart buoys” are made to tap into this energy today, inefficiencies prevent them from capturing the lion’s share of the power. GIG’s revolutionary solution can be retrofitted into these existing technologies to boost this energy capture.

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Wind Turbines


Experience a new era of wind energy utilization with GIG’s advanced technology. Our innovative gear system creates unmatched versatility and efficiency within wind turbines. By enabling counter-rotating propellers and by optimizing gear ratios, this upgrade maximizes power generation while minimizing maintenance and operational costs. Harness more with GIG.

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